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KioCafé brings the café experience places you never thought it could go, all while opening new
revenue streams and markets to our clients. It’s the future of coffee, made possible by innovative

Our History

The story of KioCafé begins with KioSoft, a world leader in the payment technology space since 2002. KioSoft began with the goal to be the best of the best in unattended payment solutions and to provide products that give users full end-to-end control. They did exactly that, and today, KioSoft is a global force with four offices worldwide and sales across the globe.

As leaders in the unattended payments space, KioSoft wanted to use its world class technology to transform the café experience. Leveraging KioSoft technology, the company began to develop the first iterations of KioCafé.

KioCafé is now here and thriving as a leader in unattended payments and food service robotics, pairing the café experience with KioSoft technology to grow their full suite of automated café solutions.

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Leaders in All Things Unattended

Before KioCafé came into existence, KioSoft technology had been making automated, unattended payment solutions possible in several different markets. From the car wash, to vending machines, to laundromats, to parking, KioSoft technology made it possible to provide simple, self-serve automated systems for all kinds of vendors.

This same adaptable technology is what fuels KioCafé, making our automated, unattended café solutions the success that they are.The proof of that success? That’s shown through our satisfied partners, who leverage our technology every day to provide a new automated café experience to their customers and generate new forms of revenue.

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