Facts & Questions

What Kind of Coffee Can KioCafé Machines Make?

KioCafé has a fully customizable beverage menu, with a wide range of product offerings. Our coffee robots can currently provide the following types of beverages:

  • Espresso
  • Milk based coffee (4 dairy options)
  • Powder based coffee (6 powder options)
  • Syrup based coffee (6 syrup options)
  • Drip coffee
  • Draft on-tap (Nitro cold brew/cold brew/iced tea/sparkling teas)
  • Iced coffee

What Solutions does KioCafé Provide?

KioCafé currently offers four different solutions:

  • KioCafe Prime Café: Our all-in-one, automated multiple beverage system with a robotic arm.
  • KioCafé Lite Café: Our automated single beverage system with a robotic arm.
  • KioCafé Solo: Our countertop-sized, self-serve beverage system.
  • KioCafé Cart: Our contained, mobile unit self-serve beverage system.

To learn more about these systems in depth, please visit our product page.