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Our automated and unattended kiosks can be implemented anywhere, bringing café quality coffee places it’s never been before.

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Prime Café

Prime Café is our powerful, all-in-one robot café system. This unit can craft a wide range of drinks unattended, along with taking orders, processing payments, and delivering delicious beverages via a robotic arm. Now that’s a conversation starter.

Lite Café

For those who want premium café beverages fast, there’s KioCafé Lite. This single beverage unit can be set up to provide either hot espresso-based beverages or on tap cold brew coffee. It operates unattended, and can process orders, take automated payments, and craft beverages with ease.


  • Supports hot or cold drink options with Espresso Machine or Cold Brew Unit
  • Orders processed on the machine’s touchscreen interface, or through the mobile app
  • Works with onboard water or direct plumbing
  • Output: 75-100 drinks per hour

Solo Café

Solo Café is our countertop self-serve unit, bringing the café experience to even the smallest of spaces. Once set up users can place their order, then be walked through steps to create their own espresso or on-tap beverage themselves. It works well as a premium office coffee bar.


  • Self-serve unit with guide interface
  • Fully customizable Supports hot or cold drink options with Espresso Machine or Cold Brew Unit
  • Payments processed through machine or via the app
  • Output: 60-75 drinks per hour

Solo Cart

Solo Cart is a café on wheels! Our mobile plug & play unit can be set up anytime, anywhere, for a totally unattended café experience. Users can use this cart unit to order and self-serve delicious espresso or cold brew based beverages, all within a self-contained unit.


  • Self-serve unit with drink making guide interface
  • Supports hot and cold drink options with Espresso Machine and/or Cold Brew Unit
  • Includes on-board water system, power outlets, refrigeration casters
  • Has an optional cup and condiment attachment
  • Processes payments via unit screen or mobile app
  • Output: 60-75 drinks per hour

Looking for a custom solution? Contact us directly to explore your options and build the KioCafé unit that works best for you.