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Prime Café

The RC Coffee Experience

Our RC Coffee Robo Café was a showcase of KioCafé’s first automated café solutions.

To test our automated café technology, KioSoft launched a showcase of robo café solutions across 5 locations in downtown Toronto, Canada. This included a series of standalone RC Coffee robo coffee units and an RC Coffee partnership with Dark Horse. Our RC Coffee locations quickly captivated the market, serving thousands of satisfied customers throughout its lifetime. This showcase proved the popularity and potential of automated café solutions and helped KioCafé gain recognition as a leader in the automated café space.

RC Coffee In the Media

Such an innovative approach to the café experience was bound to create some buzz…

RC Coffee’s innovative tech and social media allure had a massive impact on the market, generating attention and headlines in major national and international media.

Coverage for RC Coffee included features in publications such as The Globe & Mail, The Economist, Maclean’s, The Toronto Star, and more!


Our RC Coffee showcase took place at the following locations throughout Toronto.

Prime Café

Prime Café is our powerful, all-in-one robot café system. This unit can craft a wide range of drinks unattended, along with taking orders, processing payments, and delivering delicious beverages via a robot arm. Now that’s a conversation starter.

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