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Lite Café

Re-envisioning the Café Experience


Market Insight:

Let’s be real, healthcare workers often work long hours and require a caffeine boost. Coffee can play a significant role in improving the overall experience for staff and patients in a hospital and other health care centers. It has become a well-loved beverage in healthcare dining, offering comfort to visitors and a familiar touch of home to patients.


Health Care Centers are facing challenges that are affecting operations and customer satisfaction when it comes to providing coffee. Some of these challenges include long wait times, limited menu options and hours, inconsistent coffee quality, and inefficient staffing. There is a need to enhance the customer experience and increase its profitability.


  1. Enhance staff productivity and patient satisfaction – Customized menu options to serve premium cup of coffee through a fully-automated solution
  2. Operational Efficiency – Optimized reporting and data collection, tracking and inventory management. Reduced staffing, resulting in lower operating costs and more savings for you.
  3. Increased Revenue – A cost-effective, convenient solution that is integrated with an unattended payment solution for an automated revenue stream

Key Metrics:

4 Installs     |     40,000+ Cups Served     |     95% Operational Cost Savings

Lite Café

Lite Café single beverage unit can be set up to provide either hot espresso-based beverages or on-tap cold brew coffee. It operates unattended, and can process orders, take automated payments, and craft beverages with ease.

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