Learn more about the innovative technology that fuels
our KioCafé Solution

Payment Readers

Say hello to the KioSoft payment reader, Ultra VX. This technology created by KioSoft provides a completely unattended payment experience for all KioCafé users.

Ultra VX Features:

  • 3.5 Inch Full-Colour LCD Display
  • IP56 Waterproof & Dustproof
  • IK09 Vandal Resistant
  • Multiple Pay Options
    • Contactless Tap – Debit, Credit
    • Mag Swipe & EMV – Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover
    • Digital Wallet – Apply Pay, Google Pay
    • App Payment – KioCafé App

Robotic Arm

The robotic arm featured on our robo café units, KioCafé Bar and KioCafé Kiosk, are truly impressive. This is a 6DOF industrial robotic arm that is capable of effortlessly handling drink orders, moving them from the unit toward awaiting customers.

LCD Touchscreen

Orders placed on our systems are done through an impressive LCD screen. Here customers can easily browse through menu items and place customized orders.

Screen Features:

  • 12-inch Dual LCD interface
  • Weatherproof
  • IP65 Vandal Proof
  • Customizable Menu and Interface

Coffee Machine –
Partnered with Eversys

To provide delicious and consistent beverages every time, KioCafé solutions use Eversys Cameo, the world’s most advanced automatic espresso machine. These machines provide the full café experience with no shortcuts, grinding fresh espresso, using fresh ingredients, and providing high-quality drinks.

Customizable Mobile App

Our KioCafé app pairs beautifully with our units, allowing customers to browse menus, order, and pay for beverages. Best of all, it can be entirely customizable with your branding to work exactly how you want it.

The KioCafé app can work to:

  • Find Nearest KioCafé Coffee Kiosk Location
  • Load Credit
  • Place Orders
  • Select from Favorites/History
  • Scan QR for Quick Pickup
  • Include Promotions/Rewards

Café Management and
Reporting Portal

KioCafé unit owners love our management and reporting portal. Here you’ll have access to a full overview of your machine, be able to see machine statistics, manage administrative functions, and review your unit’s overall performance.

Our portal provides insight into:

  • Full menu management and customization
  • Data for managing administrative functions
  • Overview of system usage and performance
  • Reporting tools that showcase daily transactions in real-time
  • Diagnostics and alerts through remote portal access
  • Machine level usage statistics
  • Report updates to readers
  • Financial and operational reporting

Customizable LCD Touch Screen UI

Our KioCafé Solutios come with LCD Touch Screens that have customizable user interface. Can be skinned with your brand colors, add your logo and change beverage and category images on the screen.